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What's all this software blog stuff, anyway? And, welcome, by the way!

by Avnet Employee (Star Contributor) on ‎03-15-2012 01:12 PM (902 Views)

Why do we need to be concerned with embedded software?  We are a hardware company.


Answer (and you might have guessed, this is a bit of a rhetorical question): Software makes EVERYTHING work.  When you power on a microcontroller, it immediately runs software.  Microprocessors - same thing.  If you want to interact with an RFID tag, you have to write some sort of software to do it. 


Almost every electronic device you purchase today will have at least one, and sometimes many, processors.  In recent Slashdot poll, over 25% of the respondents indicated that there were between 11 and 20 microprocessors in their home, and over 40% said that there were "too many." 


If you don't have software on a microprocessor, what happens?  Nothing.  You simply have a very elaborate and expensive heating element.


And therefore... welcome to the embedded software blog!  Here, we will be posting thoughts, articles, tips and tricks on how to do embedded software development.  At Avnet, we do our best to help our customers with embedded software problems.  We have a special focus on embedded Linux, since that seems to be the most popular option today.  And, let's face it, there are a lot of good reasons to use it.  You can leverage a great deal of existing software (most of it is platform-independent and easily ported to embedded systems), you get full rights to study it and modify it, so long as you are willing to share your improvements.  Also, it is what our embedded processor vendors provide as a starting point for customers.


Please bookmark this blog.  We will be updating it often.  Every time we help solve a problem which might be useful to other customers, we'll attempt to post it here.  Thanks for reading!